Change is Okay

“We are not afraid of who we are but of what we have become.”

– Little May, Boardwalks

IMG_9171The bitter chill in the midst of April reminds me that Spring too is struggling to stay. Somehow I know beneath the budding trees, the whisper of the wind and the silence of shadows that baby birds are hatching and soon Spring will suddenly turn the corner and cast its warm embrace. With every ray of sunshine that finds my path, I am willing to believe in change, even in single digit Celsius weather (yes, it snowed today!). This is Faith.

Most people do not like change including me. I contemplate leaving my comfort zone and yet I know every challenge I face is an opportunity to grow. Without a little angst, stress or nudge from the world, I suppose life would be, well for lack of a better word, uninteresting. I know not everyone would agree because there is something reassuring about stability, which I Love (with a capital L). I prefer life to be linear rather than a series of peaks and valleys but somehow life doesn’t always work out that way, does it?

The reality is that we are approaching our last few weeks here in this city and when you know things are temporary (like everything in life), you view it through a double lens. I am not afraid. I am not anxious. I am uncertain, unsure of the way I feel about leaving. I expect things will feel a bit abnormal upon returning. I know you’ve probably felt it every time you’ve left your home for a weekend or a holiday. Travel, time and new experiences allows you to view life differently. It’s a good thing.

In times of stillness, I turn to There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem by the late Wayne W. Dyer. “Thy peace is the essence of our universe”, he writes and continues, “Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” When things feel like they are out of control (because sometimes things happen!), his seven simple words remain a beacon of light. “I can choose peace, rather than this.” Works like a charm.

The world is filled with much uncertainty. But (with a capital B) it’s okay! The process of consistently learning is part of what keeps life interesting and I know that deep down we will be okay. Even with setbacks and sidesteps, we always are. With peace in mind, I am leaving myself to “be open to whatever comes next.” Hope you do too.



4 thoughts on “Change is Okay

  1. Sorry about the super late response, Lisa. I am happy to hear from you and always nice to hear tips from others. I am sure we can compare notes and laugh together! Hope to see you in July 🙂


  2. When we came back, after just 7 months, it was not at all what I expected. You’ve been gone 2 years so I imagine it will be even more different than our “re-entry”… I’m not telling you this to be a downer or to make you worry! My intent is to reinforce the idea that if you can accept the idea that it won’t be what you expect and what ever that means it’s going to be ok, you’ll be great😉 It’s similar to the parenting journey! Can’t wait to see you and catch up!


  3. I love this one! Walk your own path Vern, only you know the troubles and fear you face each turn and I have faith that you will find the love and courage to venture on.
    I love who you are, my sweet Vernie Mar😘
    Shirley T-S


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