Berlin Bits

IMG_9123I saw this etched on a hotel window in Mitte this past weekend and absolutely loved it! I like it so much I feel it’s worth saying again. So here it is once more:

“Honey, know your worth even if they don’t.”

Inspiration comes in many ways, doesn’t it? Sometimes you find the neatest things just by taking a walk around the city. Peel your eyes open as you walk around with me.IMG_8001

IMG_6710.jpg“Seriously, very seriously.” Haha – maybe because it’s true?IMG_9145Cappucino and Irish Coffee at cozy Café Cinema at Hackescher Markt (yep, it’s right next door to Starbucks. Imagine that?)DSC05056

IMG_5373.jpgTranslation:  “We don’t want a piece of cake. We want the whole bakery.”IMG_8955And speaking of cake, “Make everyday a lovely day.”IMG_9114

IMG_4798Sometimes you learn new things too – like how to make new drinks with a coin, coffee and moonshine.

IMG_2926And without WiFi/WLAN, it is possible to talk to each other…and get drunk!IMG_8939Cheers! Prost!


4 thoughts on “Berlin Bits

  1. Thanks Vern…this is what happens when we open our hearts, we see with our eyes open “.
    “When we change the way we see things? The things we see changes”


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