The Gift of Laughter

“Even Jack Bauer had an hour.”

– Ricky Gervais

TVLv7SEBXH5ePP_1_600I must be the only person that watched Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee starring Jerry Seinfeld backwards on Crackle. I didn’t even realize I started watching Single Shots beginning with Season 3. I watched them backwards to the beginning of Season 1 Episode 1 in one sitting. That’s not the strangest part. By the time I got to that first episode, I was in tears. Whaaat? Why? It’s a show about comedians driving in cars and having coffee for crying (excuse the pun) out loud. As Jerry Seinfeld puts it, it’s an “anti-show of non-events” or like an “edited talk show without an audience.”

The unscripted conversations makes for some good giggles and gives us an idea of how comedians interact with each other. Think law of attraction and how “like attracts like” or  how “birds of a feather flock together”. There is something about listening to Jerry Seinfeld order eggs with Ricky Gervais or being out-ordered by Sarah Silverman. Or maybe it’s the pace of the edits – creamy images of coffee, the motion of driving or the peculiar ways people get in and out of cars.

Geek alert. I just realized I have ONLY been watching the promos for the actual episodes. Ah I guess that’s why they are called “Shots” as in Espresso. Duh. The actual episodes run under 20 minutes.kwzxihuuxi3imn2abgafOk so I finally had the chance to watch the first few episodes. Yes, I decided to go in order this time and started with the Larry David episode. They had me at the shiny 1952 Volkswagen (post-war) Beetle. In this episode they actually drive up next to a yellow Bugatti. If you don’t know what a Bugatti looks like, guess you’ll have to watch to get a glimpse. It also helps to hear deep words of wisdom from Larry David, as he sips his herbal tea, “Heat, it warms you!”s1e2_posterThe second episode only gets better when Ricky Gervais becomes a nervous passenger in the 1967 Austin-Healy 3000. His whole being makes me laugh. It’s hard not to smile looking at this picture, right? So after you’ve had your share of eggnog, glühwein or aquavit, take a few moments to relax with a show, much like Seinfeld, about nothing.

By the way, as usual, I am a lot behind! Apparently, this show is now in its seventh season and has been nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards. I just found out that Season Seven premiered last night and has incredible upcoming guests like Steve Martin, Will Farrell and believe it or not, President Barack Obama.

You’re welcome.

As always, thank you for stopping by on Christmas Eve or Nyttårsaften. I wish you much joy and laughter in the new year ahead! And just for fun, if Odd and I had our own show we would call it “Cranky Couples in Cold Weather Eating Cronuts”. Just kidding we’ve never had cronuts but ohh baby, it’s cold outside.

Cheers to 2016!


4 thoughts on “The Gift of Laughter

  1. Happy New Year Vern and family. I love your blogs on the things that makes you giggle. I watch comedians in cars getting coffee and understood why you like it. I am mostly fond of the cars that Jerry uses, especially the E-type Jag and the Kharman Gia. I love the humour of insignificant moments, I also love how Jerry is always in tears with the humour that he gets from his guests. I don’t watch in order, i watch according to who the guest is.

    Let’s start the new year with much needed laughter, let’s smile more often even to ourselves when we look at the mirror or just whenever, muchlove and kindness to ourselves and to others. Spread the love.

    Namaste, here’s to good health, peace and harmony.


  2. Sorry to hear about the cold. To add insult to injury, we have had extremely hot weather this whole winter so far. Only had the down blankets out 2 nights so far. Happy New Year and have fun this year. – Emke


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