The Things We Do

“Life moves pretty fast.

If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

-Ferris Bueller

IMG_8004The things we do for love – like travel. We took a two day journey to visit family from Berlin to Trondheim. The whole experience, however long, was quiet and peaceful much like birch trees. IMG_8060.jpgBefore boarding the ferry in Rostock, Germany I looked up at the clouds and saw people swinging up in the air. The things we do to amuse ourselves.

I had never been on a ferry quite so big. The water was calm until we decided to venture through the Tax-Free shop. As we were looking at the wine and whiskey, the ferry must have hit some big waves and began swaying to and fro. We just laughed and played “drunk” until it subsided and docked in Copenhagen. DSC06040We made it to Malmö, Sweden in time for a late dinner. DSC06032Dinner included my first Hemingway Daiquiri to complement Silver Linings Playbook we watched on the bus. Such a good movie with beautiful actors like Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.IMG_8068The next morning, I enjoyed my first cortado at Espresso House. What’s in it, you ask? Espresso and steamed milk. The things we do to stay awake.IMG_8031

IMG_8042I love the light fixtures and the bay window at another Espresso House.
IMG_8072The second day included 4 train rides in 21 hours.IMG_8049I’m so glad Odd has a good sense of humor. Bunny ears to start off our first train ride leaving Malmö. He makes me laugh.DSC06084A splash of yellow from Götenborg to Karlstad. No sign of snow, only rain. DSC06091Our train came in late into Karlstad. Our connection was short but it was A-O.K. I’m learning to just go with it. The things we do to keep our sanity.

We were dreading the train station in Oslo because the last time we were there was 2012, the only choices I remember were Narvesen (like 7-11) and Burger King. This is where we realized, three years ago, that a family of five ate at Burger King for $100 US – Blergh! That’s how crazy expensive Oslo is – and Burger King at that.DSC06117To our surprise, the Oslo train station has improved drastically. In case you’re wondering, the Burger King and Narvesen are still there. It was after 9 pm so we ate a light meal at a beautiful restaurant in the train station and, coincidentally, is across from the Opera House too.DSC06126We took a night train from Oslo to Trondheim. Without any sleeping compartments available, we did the best we could in seats. I actually was amused by the people around me. There was a deaf family a few rows ahead who signed for the majority of the 7.5 hour ride. Next to us was a young couple who did not stop snacking from the moment they sat down to the moment we left. When I fell asleep around midnight, I saw her take out a thermos and tupperware. They giggled and snacked on chocolate and candy while watching an animated movie.DSC06132At 1:26 am, I opened my eyes to see my first bit of snow in Lillehamar. In my excitement, I nudged Odd to wake him up. He barely moved. I looked over and the man was now eating a sandwich. I smiled.DSC06148At Ringebu, there was more snow. I looked over and I saw the lady was handing him a little container of berries. It was about three in the morning!DSC06158By the time we reached Heimdal at 6:35 am, I think she was putting away her pretzels. She made me laugh as we left the train…and guess what – her amusement made it on my blog! The things we do for entertainment. 

Thank you for coming along with me on our small adventure in travel. It’s nice of you to stop by during another busy holiday season. From across the miles, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas Eve. God Julaften.


6 thoughts on “The Things We Do

  1. Vernie. Your journeys are amazing and your blog always is entertaining, Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas Marcia


  2. I loved this blog entry. I identified with each of the things we do….

    I love cortado it’s my favourite coffee at the moment. And seeing you have your first cortado makes me long for a cup at IQ the local coffee shop at work.

    You had a long journey from Berlin to Trondheim but in the end it is all worth it, isn’t it.

    Happy Christmas V. Give everyone a hug and kiss from me.


  3. All ur blogs are tremendously grrreat but this one is hilarious and can’t stop me LOL !! Happy Holiday and All the Best in the coming year 2016 !!


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