Reign or Shine

“No matter what happens, I love you.”

– King Francis, Reign

635109568686530000The days are shorter, the nights are longer and Netflix is like a good friend. Over the years, I have enjoyed watching documentaries, foreign films and shows like House of CardsVikings, Walking Dead and Grimm. So it’s hard to admit that I’m currently watching Reign. I know it’s my guilty pleasure. There, I confessed. What’s yours?

920x920A few weeks ago, I was only able to watch Season 1 on German Netflix. By some miracle, we have been able to get the US version of Netflix and have started watching Season 2. Hoorah. It is indeed a Happy Thanksgiving. Curtsy and a head bow. I give thanks.

tumblr_njcv6ayOEn1un2f66o1_500My recent obsession with Queen Mary and King Francis has me wondering what is it about this story that intrigues me so. I know much of it is historically inaccurate as I have read the disappointments by many. I have come to accept that Reign is only loosely based on the life of Mary, Queen of Scotland, while in 16th century French court. This eases my conscience and am able to watch without being too critical.

tumblr_nxfd3sah6o1uanglpo1_500Why am I so fascinated? For one thing, I think they got it right by casting Adelaide Kane as Queen Mary and Toby Regbo as Francis, the Dauphin of France. (I wish I could say the same about The Tudors). Their chemistry is mesmerizing. His passion for her is intoxicating. Queen Mary’s fierce and strong disposition is admirable and King Francis’ curly locks are “dreamy”. Together they are luminescent.

tumblr_nw6nzcIdlh1s3sllco1_1280I don’t want to give too much away but if you have read history books (or wikipedia), you may already know how some of it might play out. Spoiler alert ahead. Do know that this series is inconsistent with history. Simply treat it as an escape from reality and ignore the deviations and flurries of romantic affairs. It is somewhat distracting and unnecessary at times. For the most part, I am drawn to the drama with bits of comic relief.

Reign - Season 2 Poster - Mary and Francis -.pngI am currently watching Season Two and saddened by the distance between Queen Mary and King Francis. Their brokenness haunts me as I await to watch the next episode. I know it’s silly as I know they are just actors playing their roles on screen but my heart is already aching knowing how such things end for Francis. Sigh. The sad part is I am unsure I will want to continue watching.

Is it strange that characters can affect so deeply? Can love conquer all? What is it about certain time periods that are fascinating? Or is it that deep down we all just want to be Royals?


“And we’ll never be royals (royals).

It don’t run in our blood,

That kind of luxe just ain’t for us.

We crave a different kind of buzz…Let me live that fantasy.”

– Royals, Lorde


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