Brats, A Boat Ride and Brandenburg Gate

“Y’all come back now, ya hear.”

– Beverly Hillbillies


Sindre is on the left and Kim is on the right. The older brother gets to carry the luggage.

Our nephews, Sindre and Kim came for a visit. It’s their first trip to Berlin so we were happy to give them a mini tour. They are such sweet boys even at 16 and 19. They were super excited to be here and it was a pleasure to see them experience the energy of a big city over a long weekend. So much history. So much to see. So little time. DSC05072

How does one explain a horse playing guitar in his underwear by the Berlin Wall?


Three brats for three hungry brats – ha! (Does this joke ever get old?)


Keeping it simple with mustard. I always wonder where the sauerkraut is…


Aleksanderplatz is swinging with activity. Sindre gets the bean bag through all the hoops. Yipee.

DSC05107 (1)The Berliner Dome taken from our spontaneous boat ride along the River Spree.

I like love clouds.


One of the Government buildings with ultra modern architecture. The tour guide mentioned that Chancellor Angela Merkel works here and lives not too far down the river.


I had to get low to the ground, to avoid construction, protestors and tourists at Brandenburg Gate. Did I mention how tall these boys are?

IMG_6859I just wanted an excuse to take a picture of the dude under the logo in Ku’damm. He definitely makes the picture cooler, right?


Earlier in the day, I asked the boys, “if money wasn’t an issue, what country would they want to visit?” They thought about it for a few minutes. Kim said he’d like to see Italy and Spain. Sindre mentioned Singapore. It was his lucky day! By pure chance we ended up at Mirchi, a Singapore Style restaurant in Kreuzberg, for dinner.


It turns out it was a good choice. Plus the waiter was kind enough to take a picture of us. It’s our only picture together so it’s kinda special. The company, the service (for Berlin standards) and the food was sooo good I forgot to take food photos – whaaaat? Guess we’ll have to take another visit. Seriously, it was that good and worth re-visiting. I know it’s not what people from Singapore or Germany say, but I can’t resist telling the boys – “Y’all come back now, ya hear.”


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