This too shall pass

“Behind the clouds the sun is shining.”

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

IMG_6732As I sit at my in-law’s kitchen in Trondheim under clouds of gray, I am reminded of an unusual thing that happened a few weeks ago. It was a very hot week in Berlin and a series of unfortunate events arose.  Everyone was in a mood. Flames were ignited and words spoken were intense. Our walls are paper thin and if I could I would like to apologize to our neighbors for a gloomy version of a Charlie Brown special, “mwap mwap mwap”.

Tears of anger, misunderstandings and crossed boundaries led to more tension. There was no win/win/win. No matter which solution we tried to take, someone would be at a loss. It was not a good feeling especially when there was nowhere to turn for relief. This is probably one of the few times I really missed having family close by.

Shortly after, I remembered to say a simplified prayer from Oprah ~ “use me to better serve you”. I call Him God but others may like to call it Light, Spirit, Love or Divine Being. There is no right or wrong. I just like to think there must be a spiritual force in the universe to help guide us. Living a life of gratitude and kindness is what I think the universe really wants. Some days I forget. Those fiery few days acted as a reminder of the disconnect. “Everything for a reason.”

The next morning, I woke up with a sense of calm. In the afternoon, we all sat in the living room, spoke quietly and respectfully. Afterwards, Karina took the initiative to go out for a few hours on her own to think about “what kind of person she would like to be”. She brought home roses as a token of peace. Eventually acceptance set in for all us.

Life definitely has its ups and downs. Realizing that surrendering in a force greater than ourselves helps greatly. I now understand how some things are out of our control no matter how hard we try. Sometimes it’s learning to trust (again) and accepting that everything will be fine. When wounds run deep it’s hard to think that “this too shall pass” but it always does. Always.


4 thoughts on “This too shall pass

  1. Turmoil and even death keeps life in balance- If it is fabulous, it will get worse- If it is terrible, it will get better.


  2. Amen to that. forgiveness(forgiving ourselves) is also a powerful force.
    Stay present and be mindful of our words, and yes this too shall pass.
    tomorrow is another day.
    love and hugs.


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