Czech it Out.

“I cannot make you understand. I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside me. I cannot even explain it to myself.”

– Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka


With summer holiday here, Karina’s friend, Riya, from Dallas came for a visit. As they explored Berlin by day, I asked for some photos from a teen’s perspective. Not quite conventional tourist shots but nonetheless memorable.

IMG_6661Bathroom view of Tiergarten from Monkey Bar.


Can you believe there is a Currywurst Museum?


Inspired by the Salvador Dali Gallery??


Morning drive.

With Prague only four hours away by car, we decided to take a spontaneous weekend trip. If you love cobblestones like I do, you will love Prague. The reception building where we picked up our key for our apartment stay happened to be the oldest building dating back to 11th century. I am always amazed at how structures stand the test of time.

Old Town is filled with beautiful 14th century buildings. Gothic and Baroque churches seem to appear at every turn. Statues line the Charles Bridge leading to Prague Castle. Vintage cars, horse drawn carriages, torture museums and plenty of outdoor entertainment including Segway tours surround the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square. Tourists + 4 are plenty so prepare for crowds and definitely wear comfortable shoes.IMG_6674 - Version 2

Breakfast at Café Ebel. I have always wanted to take a picture like this so when the other customers left, I ran outside and took one shot. Not sure if I cramp the girls’ style (I’m pretty sure I do!) – but I’m happy to have captured this.

DSC04766Hanging bagels.


Czech it out.


Pretty in Prague – to think they’ll be in college next year. Sigh…


St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle, Gothic Cathedral built in 1344.

DSC04625Church spires in Old Town.


Vowels are hard to come by.

DSC04825Dude love.


Cobblestones. Love.


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