Brunch Worth Getting Out of Bed For

“A cup of coffee with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.”

– Anonymous

IMG_4776Summer is calling but Berlin is not answering. It has been gray’ish and raining on and off for over a week now. According to Odd, I am solar powered so my energy level is sub-standard. So I’ll just reminisce and show you some of the nice breakfasts Berlin has to offer in sunnier weather.

On weekends, we visit restaurants around the city and at the same time, learn a little about each and every neighborhood. It’s all very fascinating as we come to understand the architecture of the city and the ways of the German culture. Long gone are pancakes and bacon. Instead, a variety of cheese, brötchen, fish, deli and fruit easily adorn the table.

IMG_2772Breakfast for two at Czerr, a local bakery just down the street from us.


Tier for two at Café am Neuen See in Tiergarten (a lush park similar to Central Park in New York City). No fruit included but behind the eggs are two mini jars with muesli. Love.

IMG_3617Did you notice the steak tartare in the center? To eat or not to eat – that is the question? Hmmm…


Alpenstueck Backerei is voted one of the best bakeries. Of course, we had to try. Don’t you just love the bread board, the jam and herb infused quark in mini jars amidst the scattered fruit? The bread was, naturally, freshly baked, studded with sunflower seeds and amazing!

DSC00028 (1)My favorite neighborhood is Prenzlauer Berg and Anna Blume is a corner hot spot there. It doubles as a flower shop too. It’s a bit challenging to photograph but I think they serve the best tier breakfast for two. Three tiers of deliciousness –  creamy scrambled eggs, cheese, smoked salmon, salami, marinated veggies, olives, fruit and homemade jams. Odd is happy.

IMG_5672Although, I must say, the best brunches are those surrounded with friends in their home.

IMG_5670There is no comparison to the warmth and smiles as we are greeted at the door by Marlena.

IMG_3386I love how Jörg casually snips chives over the eggs and adds a warm sliced tomato. So cute. IMG_3382 I am not exactly sure how to describe quark but it is similar to sour cream/ricotta cheese/yogurt. It’s high in protein, calcium, Vitamin K2 and can be used for both sweet and savory dishes and known to have less calories than yogurt. This is a verbal recipe from Doreen and Jörg and hope that by letting your palate be your guide, you are able to enjoy a little taste of Germany with us. Breakfast QuarkBreakfast Quark with Berries

500g quark (see note below for substitutions)

1 – 2 cups strawberries, mashed

1 – 2 teaspoons honey, or to taste

milk to thin out consistency

fresh berries, sliced DSC03285 Mash berries. DSC03291 Mix in quark, honey and a splash of milk. DSC03294Top with more fresh berries. Or create a parfait with layers of fruit like berries, mandarin oranges, bananas and shaved chocolate. Enjoy!

Note:  Here are some Quark substitutions and more ideas.  One site mentions mixing 9 parts ricotta cheese to 1 part sour cream. If you’re lucky, quark may be available at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods or even Costco. DSC04398Since we’re on the topic of quark, I also tried a Mandarin and Blueberry Quark Cake recipe from another blogger, Simply Lecker, while my parents were here. It was a hit (even if I did burn the edges – nothing a little powdered sugar can’t fix.) My dad liked it so much he even wanted to bring some back for my Auntie Cita but with 3 flights to take, we decided it was too much trouble. Surprisingly, the blueberries and mandarin oranges really complement the cheese filling – ooooh sooooo goooood! The best part is I think it seems to get better over time. Hope you give it a try even if you sub ricotta for the quark. It’s all good.Quark cake Don’t forget to visit Simply Lecker for the recipe. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Brunch Worth Getting Out of Bed For

  1. Hi Sheldon, yes similar but somewhat different. In Norway, for breakfast we usually have open faced sandwiches on sliced bread and of course, brown cheese 🙂 I find there is more variety in the bread/brötchen here. And it is normal for people to eat out for brunch whereas in Norway, people like to eat at home.


  2. Thanks for stopping by, Heather! Yes lots of great ideas pop up sometimes in the least likely of places. I guess that’s what travel is all about. Enjoy serving your family breakfast on tiered plates 😉

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