The Allure of Provence

“You are more beautiful than Jupiter.”

– Nelly Frize

IMG_6078There is a certain charm about France. I always thought my first visit would be with Odd for a “romantic getaway.” Instead, I spent a weekend with a friend, Yu-Ching, her daughter, Nelly, and Karina in Provence.

IMG_0097Yu-Ching is energetic, passionate and fascinating. She lights up when she talks about rock climbing in Alsace, speaks five languages fluently without skipping a beat and has studied in Lyon and Paris. Currently, she designs fine jewelry for Laure Jewelry with beautiful collections inspired by sculpture, Asian paintings and even a French TV series. She showcases her collections in Frankfurt, Paris and shops around Berlin too.

DSC03915In one of our late night convos, she brought up allure to describe a woman’s beauty, charm and attractiveness. She also mentioned that it is the perception and fascination of someone. I like to think of allure as the attraction of enchanting places like the South of France.

IMG_5921I think Yu-Ching seems elegant when speaking French with locals especially with our B&B hostess at La Guillone, in restaurants, at wineries and when simply stopping for directions. There is a certain grace about the language and the softness in which she speaks.


Photographing her, Nelly and Karina against the backdrop of the villages in Provence was such a treat.


Graced by the morning sun.


Poppies in full bloom.


Lavender at the market.


Taking a peek at the Boulangerie in Venasque.


I always had a romantic idea about Paris, but I think the areas outside Avignon are quite spectacular. Cobbled streets along villages perched among mountain tops was a beautiful surprise.

DSC03680Like the villages built on mountains, maybe we are born to stand out. In the words of Nelly’s seven year old playful wisdom, “you are more beautiful than Jupiter.” She is wise beyond her years.


2 thoughts on “The Allure of Provence

  1. Fabulous blog and photos, i love how you capture the true essence of your subject(s) and the backdrop. It makes the photo tells the story itself. As the saying goes ‘A picture is worht a thousand words’. I feel like I am travelling with you and seeing the sights and smells of the country.

    A blessed happy birthday to you. You have evolved into a beautiful goddess.
    continue to stay present and mindful.
    my love and hugs to all.


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