Another reason to eat more cake

IMG_5803 (1)“Hurrah for Syttende Mai!”

DSC03581These are the words you hear a lot on the 17th of May in Norway. This year marks 201 years of Independence from Denmark. It was my first celebration weekend in Trondheim and despite waiting in the rain under a gas station cover, we managed to make it a good memorable event. Every time I visit, I am humbled by the beauty of the North Sea and the countryside but more importantly, I am reminded of the value of patriotism and the significance of family.

DSC03589Norwegians in traditional bunad parade in Vikhamar.

DSC03599Lucas steps away from the parade to give his dad, Daniel, a hug. Then he gives Tante Karina a wet-warm hug too.

DSC03541I love the lighting in my parents-in-law’s apartment so I always have an excuse to take pictures. DSC03632 Odd’s “brotha-from-anotha-motha”, comedian and lead singer of blues band, Dockery Dawgs, Geir, with his better half, Hilde, join the celebration with koldtbord. DSC03521 DSC03522My favorite moments are candid like this where Daniel, May + baby-on-board are having a good laugh. Sometimes the joke is lost in translation; still, the moment is priceless. DSC03633 Then there are moments when the room gets very quiet. Conversations without sound.DSC03643As we grow older, we realize that there will never be a time like this again. So we take every chance we can to visit and cherish all these moments especially on Norway’s Constitution Day – a reason to celebrate freedom, a reason to be with family and another reason to eat more cake! DSC03499 – including the traditional tower cake. DSC03646 Skål. Cheers.


2 thoughts on “Another reason to eat more cake

  1. Oh Lisa there was so much more cake than pictured here! Coffee and cake is their thing and of course it’s all so yummy! The one with the kiwi is a vanilla cake with whipped cream and kiwi. Daniel’s other grandmother made it and is called Bløtkake. My mother-in-law made the No Bake Cheesecake and that is made with cottage cheese, sour cream, whipped cream and gelatin. The Tower Cake is called Kransekake or Almond Ring Cake, popular at weddings and Christmas. It’s more like a cookie and is made with ground blanched almonds, egg whites and confectioner’s sugar. Very basic ingredients but it’s baked on a special mold (18 rings total) dusted with semolina to prevent sticking. My sister-in-law also made a Bløtkake but dressed it with strawberries. My favorite that we also had and is not pictured here is Kvaefjord cake because I wasn’t able to get a good picture of it. It’s also Norway’s national cake. I found another blogger’s site and you can see for yourself –
    When I get back, we’ll have to have a tea party so we can sample some together. Or better yet, come meet me along the fjords of Norway 🙂


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