The Big (Emb)race

Fathers, be good to your daughters

Daughters will love like you do

Girls become lovers who turn into mothers

So mothers, be good to your daughters too

– John Mayer

photo 2 The sudden change of Spring weather to Fall’ish temperatures did not seem to deter eleven thousand runners from anticipating the start of the Big 25 Berlin. Odd and Jörg have been training for months, throughout the winter, to run 25 kilometers. The day had finally arrived on Mother’s Day. The race began and ended at Olympia Stadium. This is the same stadium that hosted the 1936 Olympics and where Jesse Owens won four gold medals. Currently, Hertha BSC football fans come here to watch matches. DSC03337As we waited along the path leading to the last stretch outside the stadium, Doreen entertained her kids, Marlena and Theo. Once Odd and Jörg recognized us, Jörg surprised us by taking a moment to shower Doreen and his kids with hugs, kisses and even a little chat while running the race. Odd gave us “jazz hands” and didn’t even notice Jörg was still with us, lagging behind, until many meters away. I laughed at Odd and was actually rather touched by Jörg’s amazing thoughtfulness. He is always very affectionate and playful with his family and I know the kids will truly be better because of it. DSC03367 As they came closer to The Finish Line, Jörg took Odd’s hand and they had a “Thelma and Louise” moment. Aaah the joys of achievement!


Marlena poses while we wait to congratulate the dads.

DSC03391 Of course, apples, bananas and beer were naturally offered to the runners. Congratulations to Odd, Jörg and all the runners who traveled from near and far. Also, a small round of applause for all the mums who came out to support the runners and perhaps did not get a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed this year. Maybe next year… DSC03387 - Version 2But this picture sure made up for it. Oh, the power of a big embrace! As John Mayer sings, “Fathers be good to your daughters…”


2 thoughts on “The Big (Emb)race

  1. Thanks, Lisa, I will let him know. The weather today is sunny and back to warm weather (27 degrees C/80 degrees F) but it drops 10 degrees tomorrow. Like a yo-yo. Blergh 😦


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