Guess who stopped in for tea?

“You’re a rhapsody, a comedy

You’re a symphony and a play

You’re every love song ever written

But honey, what do you see in me…”

– Rod Stewart

fieldOnce in a while Nostalgia comes knocking on my door. She arrived unexpectedly and settled in over a cup of morning tea. Melancholy joined shortly after and decided to snuggle up for the evening. I have forgotten how some days can be like this even under a bounty of sunshine. I suppose listening to Rod Stewart Radio isn’t helping.

Sifting through photos of our home in Texas doesn’t help either. The house we built as our home is now creating new memories for another family. Extremely happy to do it but at the same time, I’m missing the children at their young age when life was rather simple for them. I am missing the 2 a.m. knocks on the door when Karina would climb into bed with us. I wish I had a picture but who really wants to see a picture of us at two o’clock in the morning anyway? IMG_6760 - Version 2I miss the boys playing Pokémon with their homemade paper houses equipped with stairs and furniture. SCAN0008 I miss using the turtle top from our sandbox as a toboggan because we all know turtles move at blazing speeds. IMG_4803 - Version 2I miss silly moments like this because apparently, pretending to fall is fun, even if the boys don’t ever take much notice. _MG_7619I miss re-living life without electricity and playing Scrabble. Actually it might have been a city power outage and without internet, what were we to do??IMG_2732_2 - Version 2 I miss Karina and Beckham’s crazy afternoon of jumping… DSC01352 And how absolutely sweet The B could be. oddwithbeckhamOh how I miss all these little moments and more…

Nostalgia resurfaces that sense of vulnerability, that “je ne sais quoi” feeling of being lost in time and space. The mind is an incredible tool. Like most things, I know this feeling will soon pass. Nostalgia will step aside to make room for what is ahead. Hope you’ll invite nostalgia in for a short visit so that you may reflect on your own happy memories too.

mothersdayI just happened to find these two pictures match. How rare is that?

Bundles of wishes to all the incredible mums (and mommy figures) for a beautiful and radiant mother’s day in advance from across the miles! xoxo


6 thoughts on “Guess who stopped in for tea?

  1. I love hearing your stories, Arlene. Now you have me thinking about chocolate cake 🙂 Alexan is very lucky to have you. Thank you for sharing and making this a better world. Your free spirit inspires me. You really are a goddess! Capturing your kisses and your warm and loving kindness. Happy Mum’s Day to you. xoxo


  2. ditto for me. I just finished a call with Alexan(Lauren) to wish me an early mother’s day as she’s off on a fishing weekend. We chatted about our yesteryears and yes laughed about our silliness: walking to our fave greasy spoon restaurant for breakfast in our jammies and her first experience of eating chocolate cake in bed, she wasn’t sure if I was serious until i started eating my piece in bed while we read our books while listening to classical music. we also talked about dancing to motown/good morning vietnam soundtrack music while cleaning the house. Ahhhhh memories.

    I too welcome nostalgia and all the emotions that comes with it. I am blessed to have fond memories of my child as you have with yours. May we never lose the spirit and emotions of bringing the past to comfort us. These are good emotions it makes us appreciate of where we and are children are today.

    I honour the goddess in all of us moms around the world and I know our children will have fond memories of our togetherness. blowing you a kiss from Toronto and hoping the wind delivers it to you as the breeze caresses your face.
    thinking of you always and hoping that you are all well.


  3. Such nice memories with you and your family. How we do miss you…it feels just like yesterday. Sigh…it took a few days for “Nostalgia” to leave but it’s all good now. Big hugs to you and hope that the boys spoil you this weekend.


  4. Guten morgen to you my dear cousin…I used a box of Kleenex while reading your sappy post! As mothers of grown up children I too sometimes invite the “Nostalgia” guest. Of late as Terry and I go thru our boxes of stuff, we came across Dylan’s school work in grade school, we laugh, cry and hold those dear memories close to our hearts.
    A big hug to you for “mother’s Day” across the pond. xoxo


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