Sunshine On My Eyelashes

“Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy
Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry
Sunshine on the water looks so lovely
Sunshine almost always makes me high.”

– John Denver

With every blink, I can feel the sunlight on my eyelashes. Flowers are emerging from the oddest patches around the city. It’s a clear sign that Spring is on its merry way. I am ridiculously hopeful with anticipation.

IMG_5371 - Version 3Instead of ridding Berlin-Templehof that once served as an air bridge between West Berlin and the rest of the world, residents fought to save it. The old airport runways remain open to the public and is unique to the city. As I walk the 6 km red dotted pathway, I see skateboarders, segway riders, rollerbladers, cyclists and runners, young and old, whiz by me. In other designated areas are kite flyers, frisbee throwers and flame catchers (okay, just making sure you’re paying attention). Dogs happily play in the dog park and picnickers patiently light up their portable BBQ grills. Yes even in the bitter chill, they prepare an outdoor meal. Swoon. It’s April and I am still wearing my knitted hat and winter gear. Whaaat? Why are we still in the single digits? The wind is distinctly sharp like a good mature Irish Cheddar and yet these Germans are not at all bothered. They stay active and full of energy in every season. I am hands down impressed.

IMG_5387 - Version 3Between the runways, there is a community of make-shift gardens in re-purposed containers. I am rather amused and then distracted by two girls rollerblading who stop to notice the racks of random shoes. Street art, I presume. Or rather, runway art.

IMG_5388 - Version 2With sunshine and billowy clouds that resemble The Simpsons’ intro, Berlin begins to buzz with outdoor activity. I know it becomes a different city in Spring. With a light heart and mighty hope, I am keeping faith. I have never been more ready for warmer weather. How about you?


4 thoughts on “Sunshine On My Eyelashes

  1. Yes I love clouds! Despite the cold, this was actually a beautiful day. Thanks for the reminder and will be more grateful to Mother Nature for the beauty that comes with each season.


  2. The cloud formations are amazing, so fluffy like cotton candy. April showers sure to bring forth May flowers very soon. Every spring I exhale and thank mother nature that I made it through another Canadian winter…stay warm.


  3. The weather difference is hard after living in Texas😕 I can’t wait to see and hear about your spring/summer escapades…very soon😉


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