Pink Bench and Waffles

“I believe in pink.”

– Audrey Hepburn

IMG_5063 - Version 2Beneath the budding tree, lies a pretty pink bench and a pot of Spring flowers. I want to sit on it (the bench not the flowers), close my eyes and “om” my way into its joys of prettiness. I want to pretend my life is colored in crayon like a Charlie and Lola episode where patterned swatches are scrapbooked into the scene. I love the ideals of a cartoon world. The thought is short and disrupted by the drizzling rain and the two fellas lingering at the edge of the picture. Lovely.

This bench happens to be right by the Ampelmann store in one of the quaintest courtyards in the Jewish quarter, Scheunenviertel. It’s so pretty even in the rain. In case you haven’t heard of the ampelmann, he’s the little green guy on the traffic light that tells you it’s safe to cross the street. We purchase an ampelmann ice cube tray and hope it will cheer Karina up on the gloomiest of days. We are chasing the gray away. It’s not what you do, it’s why you do it, right?

IMG_5062 - Version 2As we leave the surrounding area, I stop to take a picture of the alley adorned by bunting. So inviting.

In our own effort to feel like the cold rain can’t get us down, we head to Kaschk, a Norwegian coffeehouse, at Rosa-Luxemburg Platz. It’s another one of our beautiful accidents, like most of our discoveries here in Berlin. It has a Nordic vibe, excellent coffee, Scandinavian craft beer and shuffleboard by night. Upon our arrival, it’s bumbling with busyness and we are greeted with a smile. Some of the staff actually speak Norwegian too. Unfortunately, they are out of everything even the delicious roasted beet, avocado and tomato sandwich I had eaten there last time. All that is left is a small plate of two croissants. Blergh! I like croissants but we had our hearts set on heart-shaped waffles with brown cheese. On a side note:  brown cheese with blueberry jam is also delicious on crisp bread if you haven’t tried it.

IMG_5067As luck would have it, we found waffles at Hackescher market. Not exactly Norwegian-esque but more like fun Belgian-style waffles on a stick. Too cute. In the rain, sans umbrella, it is just what we need to make the gray go away. Find your sunshine. Whatever it takes. Make your own sunshine waffles, “dammit”! <—It’s from the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt theme song. Seriously.


4 thoughts on “Pink Bench and Waffles

  1. Vern, love how you find the words to describe what you are seeing.
    Thank you for your optimism.


  2. Vernie, I look forward to your blog. When I read them, I feel like I am in the midst of the location you are describing. Still really want to visit you before you leave. Miss you. Marcia


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