Food Glorious Food

IMG_4855Some of the best things about travel is food. Seeing how food is presented or what is available to locals is always part of the charm. For some people it’s not that all interesting, but for me, it’s always a treat!

We never would have guessed in a gazillion years we would bring home 3 Filipinos from the mountains of Montserrat. Who knew these bite size biscuits existed, let alone were made in Spain? I wonder if the cookie company ever stopped to consider that these cookies are named after a nation of people? I would have liked to have been in the room when they named these.

Guy #1:  Wow, these cookies are delicious! Small, round, tanned on the inside and smooth chocolate on the outside.

Guy #2:  Kinda like those islanders Spain once ruled for 300 years, over 500 years ago, right?

Guy #1:  Oh you mean Filipinos?

Guy #2:  Yes that’s exactly what they remind me of – small, round, tanned, dark…how about we call them Filipinos!?!

Guy #1:  Do you think they will be offended?

Guy #2:  Nah, they’re so sweet they’ll take it as a compliment.

Fast forward to 1999 where the Philippine government is insulted and makes protests to the Spanish government to stop selling these under the given name. They lost with the fact that Austrians never complained about small sausages being named Vienna Sausages.

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

– William Shakespeare

The cookies are actually more amusing with a story like that. And after 40 years in business, these Filipinos are still selling strong. It’s good a thing most Filipinos have a good sense of humor. I’m sure they make up the majority of people purchasing them anyway. I know I did my part.

DSC02728 - Version 2Along Las Ramblas we stroll and find a courtyard with 2 separate markets – one filled with art and the other with local artisan cheese, chocolate and honey. I naturally gravitate towards food. Notice how beautiful the honeycomb glows!

DSC02663The Boqueira Market is not Odd’s idea of a fun afternoon but for me, it is exhilarating. I am impressed by the colorful empanadas shaped like giant wontons.

DSC02660 - Version 2And more empanadas come in different shapes and sizes too.

DSC02665Locals come to buy fresh seafood here at the market. I think there are more appealing things to see like assorted snacks wrapped in cone shaped parchment paper.

DSC02671Snack friendly ham and cheese.

DSC02673Iberian ham, anyone?

DSC02705 - Version 2Karina enjoys her second kiwi coconut drink. So many choices!

DSC02409We order a Pintxos box filled with octopus, calamari, shrimp and cod along with our tapas.

DSC02806Odd is so patient. It’s nearly 11 pm. I don’t know what we were thinking ordering a dish that takes an hour to prepare. Hum drum…

DSC02811…all because we dare not leave Spain without trying Paella. Nice thing is that it’s served table-side at The Crowne Plaza.

Oliver Twist sung it best, “Magical food. Heavenly food. Beautiful food. Food glorious food!” We place a lot of emphasis on food as it defines the geography and the culture of the people. What are some of the most memorable foods you’ve had at home, in your own city or while traveling?


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