The Silence of Snow

“Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.”

– Desiderata, Max Ehrmann

IMG_3856 - Version 2Upon landing in Oslo, we are greeted by a beautiful sunset. It is 2:35 pm. The sun sets even earlier here but am always grateful to get a peek at the sun. Of course I don’t miss a chance to capture Karina against the glow from her window seat. She doesn’t quite understand my obsession with sunlight. I don’t think anyone does.

DSC00197 - Version 2The boys play “street soccer” next to the soccer field at 11 pm. It seems to be their tradition to play on the first day regardless of rain, sun or snow.

IMG_3897Last year, the snow did not show up. This year the snow came late, but it sure is making up for lost time. It has been over 20 years since I’ve celebrated Christmas in Norway, so I am embracing every snowflake that comes my way.

IMG_3962 - Version 2Oh how I have missed snow. It has been snowing everyday since we arrived in Trondheim. With layers of clothes, double pairs of wool socks and a parka, taking walks can be quite pleasant.

IMG_3878 - Version 2However, I learned the hard way a few days ago when we took a trip downtown to take a look at Olav Trygvasson, the Viking King, that doubles as a sundial. Four hours of sunshine is better than none.

IMG_3885 - Version 2My popsicle toes did notice the heated cobblestones along Nordre Gate, the walking street. Now that’s good thinking.

IMG_3982 - Version 2I loved my Christmas visit in 1992 and with new perspective, I am enjoying it even more now. I have learned that taking walks brings me much peace. I especially feel its calming effects under freshly falling snow. Author Wayne W. Dyer writes, “Nature makes you beautiful.” Guess I need to take a lot more walks!

IMG_3976 - Version 2There is something peaceful about snow on branches and scarcely lit roads.

IMG_3980 - Version 2And I had forgotten the sound of snow and how it “crunches” with every step taken.

IMG_3986 - Version 2Snow speaks in volumes even in its silence.

DSC00428 - Version 2The best part is entering a warm, inviting home with greetings of pure love and acceptance. This would be my sister-in-law, Kirsten, with her husband, Johan. She does not take anything for granted and being around her always makes me giddy. Her energy is much like falling snow – light and joyful.

IMG_3917 - Version 2In the still of the night, the rooftop views from my in-law’s apartment are worth savoring. DSC00417And from the kitchen window while everyone is fast asleep, the snow is even more comforting.

As we approach a new year, my wish is that 2015 will be a year of beauty, creativity, kindness and peace for you and your family. Godt Nytt År! Happy New Year!

With warm wishes from this beautiful country brimming with snow to yours,



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