Under the Star(s)

“So it’s the laughter

We will remember

Whenever we remember

The way we were.”

– Barbara Streisand

IMG_3599 - Version 2After living under a blanket of sunshine in Texas, the heavy gray, gray, gray days of Berlin are beginning to get to me. An envelope of darkness falls around 4 pm and it’s only November. The one nice thing about the darkness is the Christmas starlight that hangs in my living room. The warm light seeps through the paper slits (thank you IKEA!) and it casts a feeling of a warm embrace. So inviting like sunshine that I tell Odd that I might have to leave that up waaaaaaaaaaay after the Christmas season. He agrees. Whatever it takes to get through these endless dark days.

I am happy to say that “sunshine” did come for a visit. I spent two days with my cousin, Lani. She is a “bundle” rather more like an “explosion” of sunshine. She fills the room with laughter everywhere we go. I try to give her a fabulous Berlin tour but we only manage to get through half the anticipated itinerary – too busy catching up, chatting and laughing.

DSC09330 - Version 2The cold, rainy weather doesn’t stop us from shopping and seeing some sites.DSC09351 - Version 2Sometimes you feel like a “Nut”- cracker at the Weihnachtmarkt at Alexanderplatz.DSC09394 - Version 2She cracks me up while looking at the Cha Cha menu in Mitte.DSC09395 - Version 2She mimics Shirley’s, her sister’s, grand entrance into my neighborhood.DSC09333 - Version 2Anticipating the 3 tier breakfast platter for two at Anna Blume in Prenzlauer Berg.IMG_3590 - Version 2I love how she makes her food look so delicious.

DSC09482 - Version 2And manages to look fabulous while eating crêpes with blueberries at Kranzler Café, one of the oldest cafés in Kurfürstendamm.

DSC09432 - Version 2She tells me a secret she learned from Shirley. Ready? The secret to a great photo is to create action. Yes, that’s right – even rubbing the belly. I think she’s trying to tell me something. Maybe the smell of chocolate from that giant German Christmas Carousel is making her hungry at Fassbender & Rausch, one of the world’s largest chocolatiers.

DSC09523 - Version 2A visit to the WeihnachtsZauber Gendarmenmarkt while sipping on Glühwein gets us into the spirit of Christmas.

DSC09534 - Version 2It’s nice seeing family – a familiar face, a familiar sense of being and a familiar understanding. Something so great and yet something uneasy about short visits. There is the anticipation, the lively event then the dreaded goodbye. Somehow it feels a bit strange. I can’t quite place it.

Being around family makes me feel like I’m stepping back in time. Caught in a time warp. Struggling to move forward but behaving like the same dorky teenager I once was. Older and wiser but stuck. Then with the goodbye we get suctioned back to reality, back to our normal selves…but for those two days, we played silly and sometimes silly makes sense under the blanket of gray.

DSC09398 - Version 2Her whole being is pure sunlight. Sans turkey but I am always grateful for family.

Happy Thanksgiving!


The beautiful sun is shining today. Incredibly grateful for sunshine too.


2 thoughts on “Under the Star(s)

  1. Vern, glad you had since visit with Lan…I felt my presence would be like an eclipse if the sun (joke only naman). The two if you needed some time alone to do some catching up plus I’m over the teen years more into the young adult kids in relationships, something for you to look forward to, then I’ll come for a visit. I do miss the Weinachmarkts, the aroma of the Gluhwein as you stop at the artisan stalls and ask yourself “Do I really need this?”
    What an adventure to experience Christmas in Germany! Maybe next year Terry and I will find the courage and spend Christmas in Europe.
    Froehliche Weignachten!


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