Big or Small? Left or Right?

“Sometimes good things have to fall apart, so better things can fall together.”

– Marilyn Monroe

IMG_3209How do we make the big choices in life? Is there ever a distinct right or wrong? Is it ever truly black or white? Or do we just need to take a step back to view it from a different perspective? It is a known fact that having too many choices can sometimes paralyze us but what if we had to choose to stay or go? Or at a fork in the road, to turn left or right? Easier said than done. Do we base our choices on passion? Instinct? Intuition? Or is a list of pros and cons the healthier route? How does the impact of that decision change us? Or do we leave it to serendipity and hope that a series of pleasant discoveries will lead the way.

When we left Ottawa with a 2 year old and a newborn baby in a dreadful snow storm 18 and a half years ago, it was an easy choice. Harsh winters or sunny summers? We were young and ready to try anything that presented itself to us. We didn’t really think of the impact we were making on our lives or our children’s lives for that matter. Fresh out of college, we made the decision to move to Texas based on the fact that there was a job opportunity waiting. The decision was clear.

We thought we would give it a try for a year and discuss later. Years went by and we never had the discussion of moving back. This happens to be one of the benefits of naiveté. In fact, some of the biggest choices in my life were powered by intuition or instinct rather than long lists of pros and cons. Tsk tsk. In hindsight, would I have made the same choices?

As I get older (and hopefully a bit wiser), I see that life presents a bounty of choices and opportunities on a daily basis, ready to teach us how to become who we are genuinely meant to be. What matters most is not so much what but how we are learning along the way. Hopefully, experience teaches us about gaining strength, capturing sound knowledge and collecting positive energy for what is to come next. Choosing to be in Berlin has proven to be a somewhat challenging adjustment but I know it was a choice we made, no doubt. (This time, believe it or not, I made plenty of lists and wavered every day if this was the right move to make.) With that in mind, I have deliberately chosen to joyfully ride this glorious tide while it lasts. For now, the choice is not if we should we stay or go but navigating which direction to take, left or right? Baby steps go a long way, every day…and having a map helps too.


4 thoughts on “Big or Small? Left or Right?

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, choosing to live your life by your own choice is the greatest freedom you will ever have.


  2. So true, and what also strikes me is the fact that none of the choices are wrong, you could have chosen the other path and still have experienced a bountiful of life. I can analyze everything to death, but actually any of the choices will give me a fabulous experience; I will still have something to tell my grandkids one day.


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