Is “Felfie” Fetch?

Certainly, travel is more than seeing of sights;

it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.

– Mary Ritter Beard

odd & geir - Version 2

Odd has been extremely lucky to have been able to travel for work. And with that, he has experienced things he’s never dreamed of. From a shy boy who grew up in the middle of Norway without ever seeing people of different races until his late teens, it’s nice to know that he embraces people of all nations now. His world has opened up for him and as he travels, I get to travel with him – even if vicariously through stories and pictures. With every trip comes new experiences and how privileged he is and I am for them.

Through business travel over the past years, he has taken a ride on an elephant in Bandipur National Park, India. He has scootered and snorkeled in O’ahu, Hawaii on a 24 hour layover. He has even climbed Mount Kurama in Kyoto, Japan that included a memorable dinner, literally, over a brambling brook with table-side cooking by a Japanese woman dressed in custom kimono elegance. With the good comes the bad. He’s also had to fight in true Viking-style in Munich, Germany, punching his way through a hotel bathroom door to make it to a meeting, however two hours late. Okay, that last one is an incident he’ll have to share on another occasion, maybe over a bottle of whiskey.

It’s hard to keep up with him sometimes so he sends us emails with headlines like “Good Morning from LHR” or from wherever he may be. Recently, he has been sharing pictures instead. It sure looks like a “selfie”, but it’s not. He extends his arm but at the other end is a friend who actually takes the picture for him. It’s a fake selfie, hence my new made up word for it – “felfie”. He’ll do anything to make me laugh!

Here’s a couple of pictures from this past month of his newly acclaimed “felfie”. I don’t know if it will ever catch on like Tina Fey’s catch phrase from Mean Girls – “OMG, that’s so fetch!” but I’ll give it a shot.

IMG_0234 - Version 2

In Hong Kong in mid-September, a week before the Pro-democracy protests.

Enjoying the view from Victoria Peak, Hong Kong.

IMG_0376 - Version 2

In Kitzbühel, Austria last week.

Enjoying the view from the famous ski resort.

May curiosity follow you and may you always find ways to share your sunshine even if it is through a selfie/felfie. Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends and family from across the miles!


2 thoughts on “Is “Felfie” Fetch?

  1. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family.
    I love the idea of the “felfie”, you brought a smile to my face.
    I enjoy reading your daily thoughts and experiences in your part of the world.
    Every time I am in kitchen preparing a meal for my family or friends, I think of you, in how you are taking pleasure in discovering new things to cook in your new home.
    Keep living your “love of life”. Shirley

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  2. Hi Vern, just wanted to let you know that I look forward to reading your entries and following your adventures. Gosh you should be writing for a travel magazine or something, you’re good at this. Looking forward to the next one. Be safe, hope to see you soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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