Cruisin’ by Currywurst

“Enjoy the little things in life, for one day they will be the big things.”

– Robert Braut

IMG_3137 - Version 2Let’s talk food. I don’t necessarily love food but I do love the idea of food. Many gatherings are based on food and many memories are made surrounding it. People can be cherished, celebrated and comforted by it. Food has the power to gather people together from all walks of life in order to find a common feeling – to nourish and satisfy. It has the power to connect us, to recapture a childhood flashback or create new memories in unique surroundings. It’s amazing how food has that kind of impact on the belly and brain. What complex creatures we are!

Since we are still relatively new babies (about 7.5 weeks old now) to the city, we take every opportunity to explore. We see an Imbiss under the UBahn in Prenzlauer Berg. The long line up tells us that this must be something good.

IMG_2806 - Version 2You can’t really tell from this picture, but the line extends quite a way in the opposite direction. Konnopke’s is a street kitchen that has been in business since 1930 and is still going strong. They serve a rockin’ Currywurst that Berliners flock to throughout the day and night.IMG_2810 - Version 2

It’s sliced sausage (steamed then fried) with a good helping of a ketchup sauce made from tomatoes seasoned with onion, paprika and curry. It’s served with a choice of roll/brötchen or fries/pommes frites and always with a small plastic fork. If you’re ever in Berlin, this is the street snack you’ll want to try – except if you’re vegetarian, of course.

IMG_3008 - Version 2After shopping in a few basement vintage shops, we jump back on the Bahn and head into Kreuzberg. Some pretty famous artists like Blu leave their mark on old buildings on Curvystrasse. We recognize a much younger generation in this part of the city, multi-ethnic and English-speaking too. We are comforted to hear a familiar language among the masses.

IMG_3053 - Version 2The streets are bustling with people and we find ourselves in another outdoor market with more vendors, food trucks and musicians casually strumming their guitars and sitars on the lawn. Seems to be a big event held only on this particular weekend. There are artisan cheese vendors and cheesemakers in a separate building and courtyard. The smell of cheese is overpowering as cheese sometimes is! We follow the yellow bunting strewn across the buildings to a MarktHalle. This is open weekly so we know we have the freedom to come back.IMG_3068 - Version 2Upon arriving, in the center, we notice Berliner Buletten or Beef Balls – not a great name but it draws a crowd. There is a long queue but we decide to join the hungry pack anyway. Why not?

IMG_3071 - Version 2They have mastered its marketing, offering four different flavors from around the world with a postcard to showcase the seasonings – hoping to please to the palates of many.

By sundown, we head to Alexanderplatz where Oktoberfest is in full swing. It’s where grown men have a good excuse to wear their lederhosen, women in braids wear their dirdl and where beer seidels are sold by the liter. The activity is overwhelming with carousels spinning, market stalls selling giant pretzels and bells ringing when strong men swing the sledgehammer against an anvil.

IMG_3125 - Version 2It has been a busy day. We crave a little quiet. We head to Charlottenberg for a peaceful dinner by candlelight instead. Odd orders the Chef’s Special, Wienerschnitzel, a very common German/Austrian meal – breaded pork served here with pan-fried potatoes and a house salad . Simple and satisfying. There you have it, a little introduction to German food to tease your appetite.


2 thoughts on “Cruisin’ by Currywurst

  1. I think you are starting to “love” food. Or, you write like you do! Haha. It is a conduit to feeling part of something that everyone can participate in. Just my opinion. Reading about your adventures is firing up my wanderlust! Eat something yummy for me. BTW – I follow another blog called Kevin & Amanda…you might enjoy it. They seem to travel around in western Europe.

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  2. I cannot start my day without a speck of sunshine. Wonderful posts! I am hungry every morning reading your blog before work.

    Say hi to the other two and a late happy birthday to the viking. – Emke

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