Breakfast on the Balcony

“Commitment means staying LOYAL to what you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you.”

DSC07313 - Version 2What a treat! Today as we sit on our balcony for breakfast for the first time, we cheer on the  runners from all over the world competing in the 41. BMW Berlin Marathon. At 1 hour 17 minutes, a group of Kenyans run past our street. AMAZING as we are at km 27 of the 42 km stretch. That means they will probably finish the marathon in probably 2 hours. Okay, I just checked the results and it appears a world record has been set at 2:03 (2:02:57 to be precise) by Kenyan, Dennis Kimetto. Awesome indeed!

DSC07385 - Version 2Incredibly inspiring are the 40,004 marathoners that commit to run for different causes and for personal reasons with one common goal – that is to cross the Finish Line at Brandenburger Tor. What an accomplishment!!! What a feeling!!!

What makes this bitter-sweet is the reason why we are in Berlin. In July 2013, Odd’s young colleague had passed away suddenly while training for last year’s marathon. I never did get the chance to meet him but am extremely grateful for what he has shown me. Before his passing, I remember shopping with Odd for his birthday gift. At the time he was hiking in Ireland and so we gave him a little gift for his hikes. That’s as close as I ever got to meeting him.

Because of him, we realize how limited our time is. Because of him, we understand how we should not take anything for granted. Because of him, we plan to do things to honor him even in our own quiet way. Being in Berlin is just one of - Version 2As we cheer on the sea of marathoners, Odd feels inspired. It has been over a decade since his last marathon. Maybe it’s time to start training again. I guess he is finding his sunshine too.


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