A warm welcome! Herzlich willkommen! Hjertelig velkommen! Howdy! Welcome, eh?!

Sunshine is what brings me happiness – any sign of sunshine. I’ll even take “a speck of sunshine”. On good days, there are squares of sunshine that fall on our living room floor. Sometimes the squares turn into rectangles, rhombuses or parallelograms depending on the time of day. It’s sounds corny, but it really does bring me joy! I step into the sunshine with my little toes and take a moment to say “Thank you, Sunshine!” So here goes a Speck of Sunshine to help enlighten your coffee breaks or put you in a deep trance for your afternoon naps.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. thank you for sharing your sunshine. you can always create your own sunshine anytime you have the blues. think of happy thoughts and think of how the sunshine energizes your spirit.
    may sunshine follow you around.

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