Hearts Here, There & Everywhere

 “Knowing that love is to share.”

– The Beatles

IMG_2691 - Version 2

“They say everything it happens for a reason.

You can be flawed enough but perfect for a person…”

– You+Me

My mom has always said, “everything happens for a reason”. I saw this video on FB come up by City and Color’s Dallas Green and P!nk called You and Me. It’s perfect for my parents because it’s like a romantic love story told in that beautifully etched style I love.  The lyrics move simply to the rhythm. The acoustic guitar and the their harmonies capture what I want to express. It’s everything I feel wrapped in a song. I know it’s meant for a soul mate or maybe a great wedding song for budding lovers but I think of my parents. And I shed a tear.

Everything does happen for a reason. As I walk down the sidewalk to our neighborhood grocery store, I stop to notice how the leaves seem to take the shape of hearts. Why haven’t I noticed them before? I never really stopped to look at leaves in Plano, mostly because there weren’t very many to stop and look at on my street. Usually the wind swept them away to a corner of our yard and by then, the shapes of the leaves were unrecognizable. Or maybe I was too busy, too distracted to notice the finer details that nature offers.

I realize the timing is perfect – the leaves, the song, the move. I couldn’t have done this move when the three kids were babies. Walking up and down three flights of stairs with a double stroller to the apartment or around the Bahn would have made me crazy! Or if we had moved a few years earlier, they would have missed out on all the amazing band and soccer moments with our Liberty/FC Dallas families. Life wouldn’t be the same as I know it.

Now I think that the leaves are trying to tell me something. Change is on the way. I know it has already begun in its own quiet way – as nature has always intended. It is meant to be this way. Everything does happen for a reason. I don’t want to believe it but my mom is right. Darn!


2 thoughts on “Hearts Here, There & Everywhere

  1. “The falling leaves drift by my window….” yes it is the sign of gathering our harvest and preparing for the winter. I love how you have described the analogy of the fallen leaves, the change of season, like us we change when we are ready to listen to the teacher.
    I look forward to your next post.

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  2. You are such a good writer Vernie. I believe in what you said…Yes everything happens for a reason & it’s true based on my experience. Mother knows best not always but sometimes hehe…I enjoy reading your postings…always waiting something to read from you.

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