Random Act of Kindness

“Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair,

but manifestations of strength and resolution.”

– Kahlil Gibran

photo 2 - Version 2Sunset from the S-Bahn

The other night, Odd came home late from work. It was the second time in a week. The first time, the trains came to a halt only after one station. You should know that his commute is about 1 hour each way every day. So three minutes minus one hour…well you get the picture. Apparently, there was a fire on the tracks going in both directions. An announcement was made in German and passengers scurried off. He wasn’t sure where to go so he walked outside for an hour, found a bus to a nearby station and then took three more trains to get home. It was nearly three hours by the time he got home. I made sure there was beer chilling for him!

The second time, the trains went on “strike” in the middle of rush hour just as Odd was approaching Hermanstrasse station. He noticed the trains were moving at snail speed. Eventually, the conductor made an announcement for all passengers to leave. He then shut off all the lights and went on his merry way. Odd weaved through the crowd towards the buses, but they were not allowing people on. Really? He decided to take a taxi instead. He was 4th in line.

He noticed an elderly, frail woman who didn’t seem to know where to go or what to do. Her lip was quivering as if to cry. He kindly got her a taxi, gave the driver 20 Euros and told him to take her home…but as he was doing that, another lady took his taxi. Darn! Without complaining, he waited another 15 minutes for a taxi and eventually made it home after stopping at the Telekom shop to clarify some issues. He’s such a groovy guy! This time, I think he brought home a bottle of wine.


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