A Night at The Kino

photo 1 - Version 2We leave at dusk and decide to spend an evening at the 2. Lange Nacht der Filmfestivals in Ostkreuz. A special event where the movies play until 3 am. I enjoy this outing because it has been many months or maybe a year since I’ve been to a theater, but this is not a traditional movie theater. This Kino has sand all over the front yard, lined with weathered picnic tables. I know because I think I got a splinter in an unmentionable part of my body – ouch!

In the front yard, there is a woman selling kuchen by the slice and a man is making crêpes outside the entrance to the house. Upon entering, there is a bar on the left and candlelit seating to the right. The venue feels very relaxed and free-spirited. We walk through the hallway noting that the restroom stalls are shared by men and women – no gender classification here. This is not really all that strange. The bizarre thing is that the restroom also funnels people to and from the main house to the backyard. Privacy is for the faint at heart.

We wait for a performance in the backyard but we grow impatient so we explore. There is a courtyard performance of a rapper, rapping in German to tunes that I recognize, maybe Riyanna? I don’t understand a word he’s saying but I put my arms up in the air and sway to the music anyway. Karina is not impressed. We are in the back so I don’t care and it’s dark so no one cares. But I think Karina does.

We leave the courtyard, squeeze through the crowd and find a hallway to the Kino. All the seats are taken so we stand by the bar inside the screening room, trying to catch a glimpse. There is a break and we quickly settle into seats. We enjoy 12 short films from around the world. Some are recent and some are a few years old. Many of them are funny, some intrigue me and some I don’t understand.

I especially enjoy the parody on Facebook. I think it is filmed as one long pan (no editing magic here) of a man named “Martin” who begins his day on FB. Every post he makes is narrated and is simultaneously reenacted with his Facebook Friends on-screen. “Susan” likes his posts a lot so she is on the screen with her big thumb up many times. I bet she had to run around the set quite a few times to make this film work. Birthday posts include a large group of friends joyfully squeezed into the shot with their big thumbs up, of course. It is light and silly. It makes me laugh – kinda like Facebook.


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