Meet Me at the Rainbow’s End

“There’s a place, in time and space, we can all be free.

So meet me at the rainbow’s end…”

– Kat Edmonson

photo 2 - Version 2

My cousin meets me under the double rainbow. It’s a lucky sign, I think.

I have been documenting my adventure in a journal format but since I am about three weeks out and trying to play catch up, I think I’ll just give you a quick summary:

My cousin from Vancouver, Shirley, came for a visit the first week we were here. She is such an inspiring person to be around! I learned about her travels from her Camino de Santiago. Blistered feet sewn and bandaged toes did not stop her from making the 5 week trek alone from France to Spain. Such a tough cookie! I am amazed at her tenacious spirit and admire her honesty. What a cool cat!

photo 3 - Version 2

Cookies remind me of her because she is one tenacious cookie!

Plus she brought these from a Turkish bakery. Yum!

 Here is a small glimpse of what we saw as we played tourists for a day around and about Berlin:

 DSC07087 - Version 2 DSC07089 - Version 2


Then and Now

The only point for military and certain civilians with proper paperwork to pass through East & West Berlin before Reunification Day in 1989.

photo - Version 2

Fabulous clouds so I take my first panoramic photo at Gendarmenmarkt,

the site of the Konzerthaus along with the French and German Cathedrals.

photo 1 - Version 2

Listening to the echoes of the 10,000 faces made of steel clanging,

echoing pain, echoing sadness –

an installation at The Jewish Museum titled Fallen Leaves.

Very somber. Very powerful.

 DSC07010 - Version 2

The TV tower known as the Berliner Fernsehturm stands 365 meters high,

near Aleksanderplatz in former East Berlin,

designed to spite West Berliners back in the day or in other words,

“Look what we can build!”

DSC07130 - Version 2

We look for a sign of Banksy but his art is nowhere to be found at the East Side Gallery,

a kilometer of the Berlin Wall that still remains.

DSC06978 - Version 2Potsdamer Platz, a spectacular place for night owls and people watching!

Still so much to see and do. More to come…


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