A warm welcome! Herzlich willkommen!

Hjertelig velkommen! Howdy! Welcome, eh?!

Sunshine is what brings me happiness – any sign of sunshine. I’ll even take “a speck of sunshine”. On good days, there are squares of sunshine that fall on our living room floor. Sometimes the squares turn into rectangles, rhombuses or parallelograms depending on the time of day. It’s sounds corny, but it really does bring me joy! I step into the sunshine with my little toes and take a moment to say “Thank you, Sunshine!” So here goes a Speck of Sunshine to help enlighten your coffee breaks or put you in a deep trance for your afternoon naps.


10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi G. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking some time read. It really is nice to hear kind words. We wish you safe travels and are thrilled you’re all coming to visit soon! Hope you can thaw out a bit in Berlin 🙂


  2. Hi V.
    A good and warm feeling of wellbeeing came over me as I read your words. A little ray of sunshine always brings inspiration and comfort to an otherwise northern cold and rainy spring.
    Looking forward to seeing you and Odd soon.

    Love Geir


  3. Hi cuz,

    So I spent the last few hours reading your blog and I enjoyed it very much. I liked the way you integrated famous quotes and the mixture of personal experiences and your perception of life were enlightening. The pictures are also very pretty, especially of the food! I’m hungry now. I look forward to reading about your family’s future adventures and the food I’ll hunger for.

    — jR


  4. You’re the best, Arlene! You said it so beautifully. Thanks for sending me such warm comforting words. I will think of you on windy and sunny days. It is all about perspective. Love it! xo V


  5. Re: Wicklow Mountain trip
    hi Vern, i particularly love the photo of you and Odd, so tender and much love.
    am feeling that you are beginning to evolve into a higher spiritual consciousness by allowing yourself to be in the present and embracing the moment. Good for you Vern.
    i hope you add meditation to your daily routine so as to get clarity and guidance to crossroad situations and also just to give yourself time to still your mind.
    sending you hugs and kisses.
    (when you feel the wind on your face, it’s me blowing you kisses) and when you feel warmth, it’s me sending you hugs.


  6. Hello My Lil Sister Vern
    You’re right! a little sunshine is always wonderful especially when you are across the world.
    The sun brings us joy and happiness and also puts a smile on all our faces.


  7. Vern, I love your latest blog, your trip to Wicklow Mountains, it’s so serene. i do feel/imagine the wind and the uncertainty of the terrain, but nonetheless it was a breathtaking trip and you were brave to forge on and experience another kind of fear. You are correct, fear is good, to face fear gives us courage and confidence that what ever life gives us we can live thru it or make the most of it. the choice is up to us.
    keep up the blogging and I am living vicariously thru your stories. am glad Karina is having fun and participating in your day trips.
    Hugs to all


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